Why Do Many People Fall Sick & Become Fat,
While Few Healthiest People Living
to 100 Have Abundance of Energy
& Free of Diseases!
How Alkaline Diet Has Benefited Many People to Lose Weight
Naturally & Prevent Future Diseases
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A Natural Diet that Perform Miracles
Since 1904.

Back in the 1900s, a New York physician, William Hay, who was diagnosed with high blood pressure and Bright’s disease, was the first to research the connection between diet and health. He also found out that his heart was dilated while he was catching a train.

He was plagued with obesity and heart diseases and he knew from treating his patients that he was not going to live for a long time, based on his book Health via Food, which was published in 1929. As a physician himself, he developed a natural diet to treat himself of the disease. In just a short period of 3 months, he lost a total of 50 pounds and recovered from his health conditions.

And this is the same diet that have done wonders for thousands of individuals all around the world to lose weight, recover from health conditions and prevent future diseases. Have you ever wondered how it is like to live your life with limitless energy?

Have you ever wondered how does it feel like to have the perfect body without any slimming pills or hard-core exercises?

The answer lies in a simple dietary method known as the renowned Alkaline Diet.

your health body is determined by the
chemical process of digestion

The diet you consume can either make your body stronger, or rob you of vitality and energy. When you continue an unhealthy diet for a long time, your body begins to break down because your organs require more energy to digest the foods. You will find yourself getting obese and more susceptible to diseases in the long run.

To have a beautiful and healthy body, you should consume a meal that makes up an alkalizing environment of pH level between 7.35 - 7.45.

But most of us are not eating the right diet that produce an alkaline body. In fact, a large percentage of the world's population thinks that they are eating healthily but the actual fact is we have been misled by the media and government on what is healthy and what is not.

What You Know AboutHealth Weight
Loss May Be Totally Wrong...

In 2005, professor emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, Dr. T Colin Campbell, published a book called The China Study. In this book, he examines and points out that the common messages you have been told about food, health and disease are wrong.

Having being raised in a farm where meat and poultry forms a large part of his diet, Dr. Campbell initially thought that the American diet is the best diet in the world. But later on when he worked in Philippines and led a study on malnourished children, he discovered that children who ate the highest protein diets were the ones most likely to get liver cancer.

In another research paper, ‘Effect of Low-Carbohydrate High-Protein Diets on Acid-Base Balance, Stone-Forming Propensity, and Calcium Metabolism’, it is found that high protein diets lead to a marked acid load to the kidney, increase the risk of stone formation, decrease estimated calcium balance, and may increase the risk of bone loss.

What happens when your body is at its optimal condition?

When our organs perform at their optimal level, your body can give
us so much more energy than you can ever imagine

When you consistently follow an alkaline diet, you will experience
a whole new body:

Your body could detoxify the toxins it has accumulated and you’ll
feel 10 years younger & lighter than ever before

The alkaline diet shares with you all the natural healthy foods that
not just affect your physiology but also helps you emotionally.You will experience an abundance of energy, health, joy, and happiness.

Once you have begun to embark on this health transforming journey, you will notice that you will
automatically shed off the excessive fats that you've always wanted to lose.

Following the alkaline diet means providing your body with the natural vitamins, minerals,
anti-oxidants and water to rejuvenate your cells which in turn eliminate the dead skin making your
skin smoother, clearer and silky.

Where does your body’s pH level falls on the pH scale?

Remember the food pyramid that you learned in school? If you have been following the nutritional guidelines from this food pyramid, then most of the time, your body internal pH level would fall in the
acidic zone.

You can also measure your body’s internal environment to know exactly where your body stand by having a blood pH test, a urine pH test, or a saliva pH test. These 3 tests have completely different sets of measurements and guidelines to take note but most of the time, a urine test would tell a lot of stories about your health.

More importantly, it is about how you feel physically in your life everyday. Here are some symptoms which may indicate you have an acidic body

Do you usually feel drained and exhausted? Do you have chronic health problems that bother you
every single day of your life? Do you feel heavy and lethargic because of the excessive fas in your body? 

When you have these symptoms, your body is reacting to the diet you consume. The main reason for these symptoms come from the root cause of the acidity in your body which is determined by your diet.

A proven diet to revitalize your body and health

Emma Deangela is an alternative health healer, and the best-selling ebook author of The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet. She specializes in using food to heal the body & lose weight naturally. With the application of the acid alkaline principles,
she looks at many clients’ daily dietary habits and lifestyle to advise on how to alkalize their body’s pH level .

In the past few years, over 19,000 people have access to Emma’s Alkaline Diet Kit. In this time she noticed some positive transformations in their health and body. Many of her clients have reported these experiences after going on The Alkaline Diet:

- Slim down and lose weight over a period of 3 to 6 months by following the alkaline diet, eating in
the right manner and changing to a healthier lifestyle

- Enhanced energy level and performance as a result of balancing the acid alkaline balance of the meals, eating the right foods and juices.

- Improved digestion system by enhancing the enzymatic activity and reducing the amount of acidic foods that is stuck in the stomach for the entire day.

- More focused, mental clarity and renewed vigor as a result of balancing the pH level in our blood.

- Get rid of chronic health issues like rashes, acid reflux, GERD, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, and other degenerative diseases by just eating the right alkalizing foods.

Your Alkaline Diet Kit Includes a Free Video Training about the 3 Alkaline Secrets to Lose Weight and Boost Your Health.

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In Nov 2010 I had a rash start on top of my hands. In a few days it was cotton ball size up my arms. The more I doctored with many "try this" remedies, the more my arms were burned. It ended up as a chemical burn, not only on my hands & arms but on my neck and half my face and 1 ear.

After 2 weeks on your program the swelling was going and we could see "daylight" in between the red. My face and neck were almost completely healed. My ear was still swollen but on its way toward healing. The nay-sayers were paying attention. I was still doing the Alkaline program and adding baths in Epsom salts my arms and hands were healing.

It is now the end of May. I am healed. I've lost almost 30 lbs as a bonus.

The best part is the response from people who wanted me to go to the doctor. They are speechless. I have no side effects, I'm not addicted to any medicine. It has been a miracle in the making here. Many of them still shake their head and tell me they would have been at the doctors first thing. I told them I wanted to be well, not just get rid of a symptom.

Thank you, Emma.

Darlene Drake


"At first, I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of having an alkaline diet. After reading, I am quite sure that I know much more than 95% of the people out there. Just by following a few simple tips, my energy levels has improved which makes me enjoy my life so much more. Thank you so much.
I highly recommend that everyone should read this and apply everything inside."

Samuel Ng


"After watching my weight yo-yo so many times, I’m glad I finally found a weight loss solution that has not only helped me achieve my weight loss goals, it’s given me the knowledge and help I need to maintain my ideal weight now that I’ve reached it.

And on top of all that, following your alkaline diet recommendations has actually led to an overall healthier body for me. By following your simple 12 principles, I’ve made it through allergy season without all the headaches, watery and itchy eyes I experience every pollen season.

Your book is truly amazing. I particularly love the easy-to-follow guide to identifying and choosing acid alkaline foods. It’s taken all the guess work out of making healthy eating choices. I’m glad I read it.

Lisa D


A 6-part Alkaline Starter Kit containing all the health research and information to begin your alkalizing journey towards a energized, healthy and slim body.

With 6 years of natural and alternative health research, Emma’s newsletter contains her handpicked selection of her most health revitalizing research, weight loss study, and natural foods insights that is designed to benefit anyone who wants to transform their health.

Just sign up below, follow the instructions, and prepare to transform your health and body forever!

Why is Emma giving away
this Alkaline Diet
kit for free?
“Alkaline Diet is my passion,
my health and my life. It transformed my
health entirely and it is my mission to share it with as many people in the world and solve their health issues. Plus once you understand it more through this beginner alkaline diet kit, I’m confident you’ll want to continue your alkaline journey with me through the program I offer online. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.”
Part 1:
Secrets To Great Health
This fascinating pdf guide reveals the diet and lifestyle secrets of the world's most healthiest people for a disease-free and healthy body.
Part 2:
What The Food Industry Has Been Lying To You
This stunning research shares with you what the food industry, doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been lying or hiding from you.
Part 3:
Is Your Body Dangerously Acidic?
A quick checklist to find out whether your body is dangerously acidic and what you should do to reduce the acidity. Uncover any potential problems that you might not aware of.
Part 4:
The #1 Natural Catalyst To Detoxify Toxins, Stay Healthy & Lose Weight
Discover this #1 catalyst that can help you
detoxify your body’s toxins and lose weight.
Lacking of this #1 catalyst, your body will not function optimally and may lead to potential health problems.
Part 5:
3 Deadly Foods That Are Murdering You Slowly, & Causing You to be Fat & Sick.
Learn about these 3 common foods that are killing you and your family slowly, without you knowing it. Learn how you can substitute these foods with healthier alternatives.
Part 6:
The Alkaline Exercising Method
During exercise, our body shift towards the acidic state. And the pH increasingly lowers as we age. Exercising the alkaline method would reduce the acidity in the body and achieve a slim and healthy body.
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